Month: February 2012


Sample Eating Plan

Hey all of the fab Fit Foody Mumma’s out there! I am getting asked daily about what to eat during pregnancy. “How do I know that I’m eating enough?” “How do I know that I’m eating too much?” “Am I eating the right foods?” “How much is enough of the right foods?” “How much chocolte can […]


Pregnancy Nutritional Basics

Vitamin A High levels of some forms of vitamin A can harm the baby’s development if taken in too high amounts during pregnancy. Pregnant Mumma’s should avoid vitamin A supplements and food rich in animal forms of vitamin A, for example liver – such a paté, throughout their pregnancy. Iron It’s important for the mother to […]

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Pregnancy Weight Gain

I get asked this question by friends and clients on an almost daily basis… It is literally impossible to say how many kilo’s a woman should or could gain – sorry to say ladies! Use the below image a a weight gain guide only. If you are unsure if your current/pre-pregnancy BMI visit for […]

Snack of the Week

Healthy Snack of the Week

Yummy Air-Popped Popcorn – stay away from the cinema’s version by adding salt, butter or any other nasty no-no’s, get the most out of your nutritious snack with an additional serving of much needed dietary fibre during pregnancy.


Skinny Fettuccini Alfredo

“Ahh! I thought this was a healthy blog?!” I know, I know….that’s what you’re thinking, but YES this is actually low in fat and calories and YES it does taste really good! I came up with this recipe by looking up all sorts of different recipes and actually took a few main ingredients from each […]


And Baby Makes Five!

Wow! What a great start to the year it’s been! Not only did our family of four set out dreams in motion by leasing ourt our home, packing up our world and start a roadtrip two states and 3 whole days away, we have finally settled in the sunny state of Queensland! It wasn’t any […]