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Struggling to snooze?

There is absolutely no denying that getting the correct quantity and quality of sleep is oh-so-important, and sadly is something that almost half the population struggle with. It can be incredibly frustrating to lie in bed tossing and turning for hours on end. Beyond having a comfortable mattress and pillow, and ensuring you’re warm enough, […]

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My Berry Good Facial

Flicking through my pile of research studies that are filling up my desk and I came across a study discussing that the humble strawberry contains ellagic acid and vitamin C (which may be of no surprise), and I got to thinking about the practicality of their extreme potential to protect the skin from environmental damage, […]

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Our Scrap Vegetable Garden Project

What a busy start to 2017 it has been for us here at the Nutritionista Clinic! I feel like I have just blinked at the start of January and it is mid-March already. Hopefully this isn’t a precedent for the rest of the year! As a busy Mum of 3, I’ve been passionate of late […]

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Celloid Mineral Therapy

The Celloid Mineral Therapy was developed back in the 1930’s by an Australian Naturopath, Maurice Blackmore. He spent many years researching the physiological role of minerals in the process of disease and health and he developed a system for prescribing the minerals based on the symptoms presented. Celloids are unique and differ from other minerals […]

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An introduction to MTHFR Gene Mutations

I often forget that I have not had the pleasure of actually meeting most of you face-to-face before, and it is a challenge that I face when I assume that you all know what makes fuels my fire for knowledge as not only a clinical nutritionist, scientist, healthcare practitioner, but as a general human being. […]