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Lovers Day + Chocolate Mousse

Happy Lovers Day + My Super Simple Chocolate Mousse Recipe! For all of those that despise V-Day and the commercialism that surrounds it, we decided to keep the 14th of Feb as a day for self love or to spoil your friends a family with the gift of  delicious & nutritious chocolate mousse recipe that is […]

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Lemon Chia Bliss

My kitchen has been overflowing with lemons lately, I’ve been trading with a lovely friend for kombucha scobys and I have had a ball creating (and recreating) some delicious recipes and trying to sneak them into as many meals as possible. My baked lemon chicken has been a hit, and there aren’t many people who […]

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Did you know that soaking nuts, grains & legumes for a minimum of 3 hours (overnight is optimum) removes enzyme inhibitors that makes it much easier for your digestive system to break them down and improve your digestion? All nuts, grains & legumes all contain the enzyme, phytic acid. Phytic acid is a binds to minerals […]

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Dry Skin and EFA’s

Dry skin is often a sign of essential fatty acid deficiency, since healthy cell membranes are made up largely of fatty acids. When fatty acids are not available, skin may become rough and dry. Fatty acids are found in low mercury fish, or in purified fish oils. Dry skin will heal in 4-6 weeks with adequate […]

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Brain food for students

How does what you and your children eat impact on your children’s thinking and learning skills? Did you even know there was a direct link between what they eat and how their brain works? It’s very interesting to know that there are many studies that suggest that the common Western dietary pattern is a risk […]

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“Why is your range of Raw Cacao Chocolate so great for me?”

We get asked this very question almost every day here at Nutritionista™ HQ. Quite literally the Greek word ‘cacao’ translates into ‘food of the Gods’, and we couldn’t agree more (read more here The raw cacao bean has more than 300 nutritional compounds including many vital vitamins, minerals and antioxidants such as: * Magnesium, and other […]