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My Berry Good Facial

Flicking through my pile of research studies that are filling up my desk and I came across a study discussing that the humble strawberry contains ellagic acid and vitamin C (which may be of no surprise), and I got to thinking about the practicality of their extreme potential to protect the skin from environmental damage, […]

General, Nutrition, Recipes

Lovers Day + Chocolate Mousse

Happy Lovers Day + My Super Simple Chocolate Mousse Recipe! For all of those that despise V-Day and the commercialism that surrounds it, we decided to keep the 14th of Feb as a day¬†for self love or to spoil your friends a family with the gift of ¬†delicious & nutritious chocolate mousse recipe that is […]


Megyn’s Fruit Fizz

The Teddy Bears Picnic was a huge success! All the children held on tight to their Fruit Fizz and there was an ongoing battle at home as to who got the last bottle the day after. It was so simple to make: *Organic Fruit Juice with no extra sugar, *Seasonal Berries (your choice, frozen if […]